Foamer Bottle Makes Our Organic Dog Shampoo Look and Feel Like Shaving Cream


If you're new to organic shampoo, you will notice some important differences right away!  Organic shampoo has a much thinner consistency because it does not contain synthetic thickeners.  This makes it pour very quickly from the bottle. It's also concentrated which means you don't need as much to give your dog a bath!  

Both of these characteristics can catch you off guard. You'll get used to it in no time and be happy you've reduced your dog's exposure to toxic chemicals by using our safe and non-toxic certified organic shampoo!

To make the adjustment easier for you, 4-Legger offers Foamer Bottles which have a special pump that infuses air into the liquid shampoo as it is pumped from the bottle. The result is a luxurious foam which closely resembles shaving cream!  You will love the experience and find the transition to organic shampoo is a bit easier.

Note: Not recommended for use with the Cedar/Peppermint shampoo formulation which is thicker and will not flow through the air infuser on the foamer bottle unless slightly diluted with water.  


Carefully pour our certified organic shampoo into the foamer bottle until it is 3/4 full.  Avoid over-filling in order to keep some air in the bottle which is necessary for the shampoo to be properly infused.  

Make sure the small tab on the pump is rotated to fit the notch on the bottle.  If these aren't lined up correctly, you will not be able to depress the pump and you will feel silly when you figure it out!

Prime the pump by depressing it a few times until the shampoo begins to dispense through the nozzle. Now, round up the pups and head to the bath! 

Hint: Many of our customers tell us they use it as their safe & non-toxic hand soap at all of their sinks! 

Over time the foamer bottles can get build up of shampoo at the spout. We recommend using a sharp edge knife  to occasionally clean it out.  Occasionally flushing the pump with hot water will also extend the life and functionality of your foamer bottle.

Customer Reviews

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Great product

Amazing results using this bottle

Foam sprayer

Works great , easy to use and not waste shampoo,

Super pleased

4 Legger dog shampoo is great and the foam bottle is a must. Both my dogs breakout in a rash after baths using over the counter products and this is the first shampoo I have found, nonchemical based, that prevents this from happening. Use the product just as directed and you will get the most out of it. I also appreciated the humor in the directions! Super product! Goose and Fiona say, "Thank you!"

Foamer bottle

This bottle is great! I save so much shampoo because it comes out in a foam!

Foamer Bottle

The foamer bottle helps create a shampoo that is the look and feel of shave cream. Less product waste because of the manageability.