Learn Why 4-Legger is Committed To Giving Every Dog a Healthy Bath

4-Legger Organic Dog Shampoo Committed to Making The Dog Grooming Industry Safer

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer on the same day my dog, Henry Clay died from cancer, little did I know the impact his death and my cancer survival would have for dogs everywhere.
4-Legger Founder and Breast Cancer Survivor Melissa Boland
During chemotherapy, my cell counts were so low they were classified as infection fatal - meaning if I got sick my body would not be able to fight off an infection.

My oncologist suggested a strict germ free zone in the house with frequent baths for the dogs in my house and dogs that came to visit.

It wasn't long before all of the dogs had dry, itchy and flaky skin. They were miserable.

We looked at the back of the dog shampoo bottle to discover the so called all natural organic dog shampoo we were buying had the same ingredients as the dog shampoos we would never have knowingly purchased.

We believed the marketing when it said "all natural" and "organic".  Worse, we paid more money for the privilege of purchasing the green marketed product that contained ingredients linked to allergies, dry skin, hormone disruption, and cancer!

We turned our attention to "how can they advertise all natural and organic" when it isn't? 

4-Legger Committed to the development of organic dog shampoo that is safe and non-toxic

Reading that on the FDA website, made us realize it was more than just ingredients - it also included marketing gimmicks.

To be good parents to our dogs (and cat) we needed to read and research every ingredient and make our own educated choices.

Switching to our own dog shampoo solutions quickly reversed dry skin issues even with frequent dog washes. We took it a step further to partner with experts in soap making and product formulation - combining it with our diverse team's expertise in soap making, essential oils, chemistry, biology, sales, marketing, customer service, health care, programming, data and policy analysis, research, and writing! 

The problem was... how can the consumer tell the difference between a truly organic dog shampoo and a greenmarketed dog shampoo? 

USDA Certified Organic Dog Shampoo

Through the NOP, all ingredients and products are independently reviewed to ensure compliance with the USDA organic standards - the highest standard a product can achieve.

Organic Dog Shampoo because every dog deserves a healthy bathWe aren't your typical dog shampoo company - we're better and safer - because for us it is personal. We are on a mission to change an industry by giving every 4-Legger a healthy bath!  We've dedicated our mission to the memory of Henry Clay! 

We are so confident you'll love 4-Legger, we offer the Wagging Tail Guarantee - you don't like it - you get your money back. It's that simple.
Thank you for taking the time to learn about 4-Legger! If you have any questions about any of our products, please contact us, we'd love to hear from you!