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My favorite!!

I love the lavender shampoo for our sweet pup, Daisy!! No artificial scent or harmful ingredients, just pure soothing lavender!
Our vet recommended putting Daisy on an oral medicine to help her dry skin. After using 4-legger shampoo, she no longer has dry skin and isn’t scratching herself constantly!


I don't notice a difference in our cats at this time. I'll continue to use and see what happens.


My dog's paws were more cracked/chapped than any other paws I've seen. After using this stuff for 5 days, I already started to notice a difference! After one week, her paw pads are no longer coarse and cracky

Awesome product!

We use this to wash the face of our little white dog daily after meals. No irritation or dryness!
Great product w/ wonderful clean ingredients!
Lavender scent is mild & a bonus!


I bought the foamer bottle along with a bottle of organic shampoo. A single pump dispenses a generous, foamy portion of shampoo which is easy to apply without any waste. I highly recommend purchasing this product.

Wonderful product!

I have been putting this on my dog’s back where she has a hot spot from licking her fur so much. It has been working wonders and the hot spots are gone! Combined with the hemp shampoo, her dry skin is gone and she’s not needing to lick her fur so much! I am so impressed and thankful for 4-Legger!

Love it!!

We love this shampoo, it helped our havanese poodle mix’s dry skin! It left her smelling so clean and her fur soft!
I also have a peace of mind letting my kids help bathe our pup knowing there aren’t harsh chemicals that could harm them or our fur baby!
I’m so thankful for 4-legger!!

Ear Infections

Tired of ear infections like me?! Ok, my boys get ear infections in the summer time. We live in central Texas and the heat takes a toll on them. Most of dogs in the area get ear infections in summer. Since I got this product I have been cleaning their ears once a week and it has helped a lot. I spray this cleaner on a cotton ball, put it inside of each ear and try to hold their head still for at least five minutes. Then I remove the cotton ball and that's it. Easy Peasy.


I waited long enough to write a review about this product. Our boy has been dealing with yeast since we got him at one year old. He has been to the point of not having hair on his ears and other parts of his body due to scratching. We have taken him to the vet several times with little sucess.

I searched 4-Legger for some help, and voilà, eureka! YeastyBeasty has done wonders with our boy. His hair grew back and the yeast seems to be under control every time we apply it. It really has helped, and we are grateful.

If any of you are battling with yeast, this is a great product to have at home.

AH-MAZING Product!

We use the apple cider vinegar rinse in our grooming salon (self and full service) and people are truly amazed by the turn out. Their dogs are so much softer feeling and several that have had skin issues report how much better their pet's skin is. Our groomers are in love with the product as well. For those that don't like the smell of vinegar - trust me when I tell you this will not bother you at all - it has a great smell!

Highly recommend

Worth buying. Makes my 4 legger shampoo last longer!


I love the ingredients in this big on essential oils and using only natural products. I purchased a bottle and started using it. I have a mobile grooming business and see a fair amount of dogs with skin issues. I do enjoy the smell as well. I would say the dogs were squeaky clean! I will try some of the other products as well as I need replacing. I will purchase the former bottle as it will be easier to apply without wasting. Thanks for your mission to create "good stuff" for our precious pets!

Worth the extra expense

I ordered the foamer bottle when I ordered my dog's shampoo and am glad I did. It worked very well and I used only a small amount of shampoo to get my dog squeaky clean. That's a money saver for me as well.

A safe tooth powder for dogs

I so appreciate this company's list of safe and unsafe ingredients to look for. My dog had issues with sorbitol that's in many toothpastes. I feel comfortable using this tooth powder as opposed to so many that are out there. The ingredients seem to even improve her health. scratching!!!!

Our 5 year old rescue (Shih Tzu-Bishon Frise Mix) breeder dog is so happy.. She is just so sensitive to EVERYTHING... We've switched to 7th Generation for laundry and dish washing and now we purchased this shampoo and plastic dispenser. Easy to use, and yes water increases the lather...NOT more shampoo... a little goes a long way!

Love this product

I own a dog wash. I use another product line but bought the Lemongrass & Aloe shampoo to test out on my very sensitive Goldendoodle. This shampoo worked wonderfully. With appropriate water, this shampoo lathered beautifully, and the scent is light, clean and natural smelling. The clean scent continues to linger on my dog for well over a week. Her coat feels amazing without any conditioner (we do use the Apple Cider Vinegar rinse because she has some yeast issues). I have ordered the entire line for my dog wash and will be offering it to my customers in 2019. Thank you 4-Legger for creating such a wonderful and safe product for our 4 legged family members.

Calm a Mile Oil

So far, it seems to be doing a great job at keeping our dog calm and mellow. She has anxiety issues and we've been using it on her bedding and her collar.

Very nice product

I bathed my dog the very next day after receiving the shampoo. My dog has had issues in the past with flea and tick bites since he was in a shelter. The neem and organic orange oil has a wonderful fresh smell. I ordered the foamer bottle and a little goes a long way. The shampoo lathered well and rinsed out very clean with no residue. Plus he smells fresh. His fur is very soft too. I would recommend this product and would order it again.

best shampoo

i have tried many products throughout the years but this one isthe best

Thoroughly Happy

Wonderful products noticeable improvement after the first use

Excellent quality and blend

This is an excellent product! I’ve used essential oils for over twenty years and I am super pleased with the quality and blend of this oil. My pups (who have experienced their fair share of EO blends) love it and I love it too :)

Tooth Powder and Shampoo

I really like both products that I bought from 4-Legger. The shampoo was great, it really helped Sheena’s coat look and feel great. As for the tooth paste, she does not mind the taste. Haven’t used it long enough to see a difference, but I do feel it is going to work just fine. Thank you Melissa for the great products.

Perfect solution

Because my Billy has a collapsing trachea issue, I was told not to use scent dispersion machines as they could harm his breathing. Now we can use the diffuser and it's a positive benefit for his breathing.

It works!

I have been brushing my Poodle’s teeth with a peanut flavored toothpaste for dogs and then recently discovered it has Sorbitol as the first listed ingredient. So I searched for a safe product and found 4-Legger Dental Powder. So glad I did! Even though I brushed every day, my Poodle still got tartar. So I tried other products that were not pleasant to use and contained grain alcohol among other distasteful ingredients. In just 3-4 days of using 4 Legger Dental Powder, the tartar is almost gone! When I say “let’s brush teeth” my Standard Poodle still comes running, so I know he likes it!

By far my fave!

I always love using this on our three JRTS. I feel safe knowing that my youngest JRT who suffers with extreme allergies is being bathed in the very best. We can’t risk harmful products and chemicals in this house and 4-legger provides a safe way to clean or crew!