Pet Safe Essential Oils by animalEO - 4-Legger

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Essential Oil Blends by animalEO

Dr Melissa Shelton of animalEO holistic veterinarian and animal integrative medicine expertVeterinary Grade Essential Oils for Dogs, Cats and other 4-Leggers!

Integrative and Holistic Veterinarian Dr. Melissa Shelton, founder of animalEO, is the world's expert in the use of essential oils in veterinary medicine (veterinary aromatic medicine).

Her essential oil blends are safe for you and your 4-Leggers (dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, and more)!

By using essential oils along with nutrition, whole food supplements, and other holistic modalities; Dr. Shelton has helped many animals for which traditional medicine has no answer.

We've integrated her blends into our own dog's lives with very positive results and are delighted to offer them to you. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! 


NOTE: If you need assistance on selecting an animalEO Blend, please let us help. We are unable to offer refunds or exchanges for animalEO essential oil products.