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Lesson 3: Bubbles are Fun but may Irritate to Your Dog's Skin!

Lesson 3: Bubbles are Fun but may Irritate to Your Dog's Skin!

December 21, 2015

While there are a number of chemical ingredients that can make a product sudsy and produce a lot of lather, the most commonly used are the sulfates.  Sulfates are detergents that make the product lather, give the appearance of sleek and shiny fur/hair, and capture the dirt that washes out in the rinse. The sulfates also strip the natural oils from your dog's skin/coat and irritate their skin. Unless the irritations become infected, you will likely never notice as you don't see their skin under all that fur/hair! 

Learn more about sulfates and their cancer causing byproducts in Lesson 3 of buying a safe and non-toxic dog shampoo. 

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Lesson 2: Preservatives in Pet Shampoo

Lesson 2: Preservatives in Pet Shampoo

December 15, 2015

Lesson 2 looks at preservatives - the chemical substances used to prevent food or other materials (such as your pet’s shampoo) from going bad.

Unless you make a product at home and kept it refrigerated, you do want “something” in your product to keep it from growing bad stuff. Otherwise, you and your pet could get sick from what is growing in it (mold, fungus, yeast, or bacteria).

Let’s look at the difference between USDA certified organic dog shampoo and other dog shampoo.

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Natural Dog Shampoo | Organic Dog Shampoo | All Natural Dog Shampoo

The Marketing of “Natural” Dog Shampoo - Lesson 1 in Selecting a Safe and Non-Toxic Product

November 13, 2015

Did you know that boasts over 3600 products under "dog shampoo" in the category of Pet Supplies? How many different brands of dog shampoo are on the shelves in your local pet supply store?

There are so many pet care products and shampoos that they are broken into sub-categories: Deodorizing (also called Odor Control), Medicated, Natural, Tearless, Whitening, Dematting, Flea and Tick, Itch Relief, Sensitive Skin, Hyopallergenic, and the list goes on...

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Itching, Biting, Chewing, Scratching - Part 3 - Allergies!

Itching, Biting, Chewing, Scratching - Part 3 - Allergies!

October 16, 2015

If your dog's scratching isn't caused by a parasite it may be time to look at ALLERGIES

Yes, just like humans, your dog can suffer from allergens like mold, pollen, perfumes, smoke, medication, shampoo, and food. Allergies can make your dog's eyes runny, their skin dry/itchy or the opposite - greasy and oily - both resulting in itching, biting, chewing, and scratching! It can also cause sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea, swollen paws, and even snoring caused by an inflamed throat.

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Itchy Skin Dog Shampoo | Dog Shampoo for Itchy Skin

Itchy, Biting, Chewing, Scratching - Part 2 - Food!

October 07, 2015

Feeding your dog a low quality diet results in your dog not getting the essential nutrients that make their skin healthy and their coat shiny.  As a result, your dog may have itchy, red, or flaky skin.  

There are as many options on dog food as there are dog breed (maybe more)~ Many people now choose to feed their dog a raw food diet so they can have ultimate control over the quality of the ingredients.

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Organic Coconut Oil Dog Shampoo - 4-Legger

What Does Saponification Mean?

October 06, 2015

Saponification refers to the process by which a vegetable oil is turned into soap! It's a simple reaction that occurs when an oil, like coconut, olive or jojoba is mixed with an alkali and results in two products: soap and glycerin. 

Literally, saponification means "soap-making" and oils are chosen based on what final properties of soap is desired. For instance, if you saponify coconut oil, the result is a very bubbly and glycerin-rich soap. Glycerin is an important product for its usefulness in helping retain moisture and prevent dry, itchy skin. Olive oil creates a very creamy soap that is rich with antioxidants. 

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Organic Dog Shampoo | Funny Sleeping Dog

What happens when you fall asleep on a slide?

October 02, 2015

Want to see a very cute video of a puppy who fell asleep on a slide?  

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Itchy Skin Dog Shampoo | Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo

Itching, Biting, Chewing, Scratching - Part 1

September 24, 2015

Did you know that how often you bathe your dog and the shampoo you use plays a big role in the health of their skin? If you don't bathe your dog regularly, it allows dead skin and hair to buildup causing flaky skin. The frequency of bathing really depends on the dog. On average, a dog with normal skin should be bathed about once a month. If you blow dry your dog, don't set the blow dryer on "high heat" as it can also be drying.

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Chemical Free Dog Shampoo | Non-Toxic Dog Shampoo | Dog Thyroid Function

Itchy, Biting, Chewing, Scratching - Part 4 - Thyroid!

September 23, 2015

The thyroid, a small butterfly like organ in the neck, is responsible for regulating the metabolism of your dog's cellular functions by producing hormones.  When the thyroid is unable to produce enough hormones, usually due to an autoimmune disorder, the result can be an itchy, biting, chewing, scratching dog.  

Years ago one of our own 4-Leggers was diagnosed with hypothyroidism; but not before it was late stage and over 70% of the thyroid was likely damaged.  Since the thyroid can't repair itself, it is important to catch it early.  

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Greenwashing of Dog Shampoo | Find a Safe Dog Shampoo | Best Dog Shampoo

Not Soap or Detergent? What is it?!

September 11, 2015

The greenwashing of products REALLY upsets us! Today, we look at something that just left me feeling like a cartoon with question marks in my head. Here is what I read: 

Not Soap or Detergent? What is it?

Let's break down this bullet. It is both without soap and without detergent yet it contains "naturally derived ingredients with a proprietary blend of cleaners" (blah blah blah). Soap and detergent are not the same thing. Soaps are produced from NATURAL products while detergents are SYNTHETIC (or man-made) cleaners.

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Best Dog Shampoo | Organic Dog Shampoo

National Spoil Your Dog Day!

August 10, 2015

There are an infinite number of ways you can "spoil" your dog.

Need some ideas?

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Dog Sleeping | Organic Dog Shampoo | Natural Dog Shampoo

How Does Your Dog Sleep? Part 2!

July 17, 2015

Some days all it takes is to see your dog sleeping and a smile will cross your face. Everything from laying on the back with the feet in the air to curled up in a tiny ball. Have you ever moved your dog in their sleeping position because you were worried about their neck in that position? 

What does their sleeping position tell us about the dog and how does that relate to their sleep cycle?

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