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Do you have a reactive dog or a dog that suffers from dry and itchy skin? You need to read this article.

What You Need To Know About Inflammation And Your Dog

March 31, 2018 1 Comment

You've switched to a grain free food and still your dog is still itchy.


We might have the answer. Read to find out why. 

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Is aloe safe for my dog? Learn about the aloe plant and what parts of the aloe are safe for your dog

Is Aloe Vera Toxic to Dogs?

March 21, 2018

Is the aloe in 4-Legger's organic dog shampoo and other products safe for dogs? 

We have the answer and tell you why aloe should be on your safety radar.

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What you need to know about fungal dog shampoo

What is Antifungal Dog Shampoo? Are There Safe Yeast Dog Shampoo Alternatives?

March 03, 2018 2 Comments

There are hundreds of yeast dog shampoo products on the market. These antifungal dog shampoo products are primarily made with chlorhexadine.

We take a look at the safety of these dog shampoo formulations and evaluate whether or not they really are all natural and safe for your dog.

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Natural Dog Toothpaste | Vegan Dog Toothpaste

Is Natural Dog Toothpaste Really All Natural and Safe?

February 10, 2018 1 Comment

Learn about "poultry digest" and other ingredients in dog toothpaste and how natural dog toothpaste like dental powder and pet safe essential oils are a safe and non-toxic alternative to products with synthetic ingredients.

You can clean your dog's teeth and gums without synthetic ingredients!

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Diffusing Pet Safe Essential Oils In Your Home

Your House Can Smell Fantastic by Diffusing Pet Safe Essential Oils

January 27, 2018 1 Comment

If you are new to the use of essential oils, welcome! 

Essential oils are therapeutically beneficial for both you and your pets.

Unfortunately, the quality of essential oils is a confusing smorgasbord with marketing that spans from honesty all the way to misleading claims and outright lies. It can be difficult to find essential oils that are safe to diffuse around your pets or yourself if you are searching based upon what is on the bottle or what the website says or worse, based exclusively on price.

We've got a quick "how to" on the use of pet safe essential oils you can use to make your house smell fresh and clean!

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Essential oils for dogs | aromatherapy for dogs | dog seizures essential oils

Using Essential Oils To Support Your Dog and Cat's Neurological Health

January 20, 2018 1 Comment

When your dog has a neurological issue, it can be scary. While essential oils aren't miracle cures, they are very beneficial to support neurological conditions, giving your dog the best possible opportunity. 

Learn more about the NeuroBoost™ and NeuroBalance™ essential oil blends and why we've integrated them into our own dog's life. 

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DIY Dry Dog Shampoo Recipe: An Easy Homemade Dog Shampoo Recipe You Can Make

DIY Waterless Dog Shampoo for the Extreme Cold Winter Months

January 17, 2018

In a pinch, you can use arrowroot and baking soda with essential oils to absorb the excess oils on your dog's skin and coat. 

Learn when you should and shouldn't use dry shampoo on your dog and get a homemade waterless dog shampoo recipe! 

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How Safe are Scented Candles and Air Fresheners Around Your Pets?

How Safe are Scented Candles and Air Fresheners Around Your Pets?

January 13, 2018 3 Comments

Do you burn scented candles in your house or workplace? Do you use aromatherapy for your dog? 

If so, you need a safer alternative for you and your furry children! Read to learn more. 

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2017 Updated Vaccine Guidelines for Pet Owners and A refresher on titering and vaccinosis

Highlights From The Updated 2017 Canine Vaccination Guidelines

January 06, 2018

There were some exciting updates in the 2017 Canine Vaccination Guidelines recently released by the American Animal Hospital Association and a disappointment.

We've pulled out the highlights and put it into focus!

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An Act of Dog: World Premier on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)

An Act of Dog: World Premier on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)

December 10, 2017

Every single day approximately 5,500 dogs are euthanized at shelters across the nation. Together, we can stop this national tragedy.  It starts with exposure, education, compassion, empathy, and action. 

Learn more about An Act of Dog and look for it to air on your local PBS station.

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Thankful Friday: Looking Back With Gratitude  For Your Support

Thankful Friday: Looking Back With Gratitude For Your Support

November 22, 2017

Instead of Black Friday, we're celebrating Thankful Friday (and we're starting on Wednesday)!  

Learn why we're so thankful and how one woman's breast cancer journey after losing a dog to cancer has made the industry safer for dogs around the world. 

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Home Remedies for Dog Allergies | DIY Natural Dog Wipes

Home Remedies for Dog Allergies | DIY Natural Dog Wipes

November 12, 2017 2 Comments

You know you can bathe your dog regularly to ease their allergies but it can be a hassle. 

Using 4-Legger USDA Certified Organic Dog Shampoo you can make your own safe and non-toxic wipes for quick cleaning! 

We'll show you how!

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