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January 18, 2020 2 min read

4-Legger says goodbye to Tobie the iconic brand mascot

It is with a profound sense of grief and sorrow that we share with you our beloved Tobie has passed away.  Many of you reached out with words of comfort and encouragement after she suffered a cerebellar stroke just before Christmas.  Tobie fought as hard as she could and endured several days in the ICU trying to get better but unfortunately suffered 2 other massive neurological declines which left her body unable to heal.

You can see from this video that Tobie tried very hard in her therapy sessions and we still know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she had the heart of a lion in her small body.  

Tobie passed away peacefully at home on Wednesday morning - under her beloved Christmas tree and surrounded by her family.

We are heartbroken at the great and un-fillable void left by Tobie’s passing.  She was a bright light of joy and simplicity; loyalty and devotion; companion and comforter. We will never get over the loss of this precious little dog. We will however, be thankful for her life, for the many lessons she taught us, for the happiness she brought to every single day. We will also be forever grateful to her medical team, particularly her neurologist who cared as much for Tobie as we could ever have imagined. We are forever in a debt of gratitude and thankfulness for everyone who has come alongside us during this most challenging chapter in 4-Legger’s history. 

You will continue to see Tobie’s sweet face - every time you see the 4-Legger logo on any product we have ever made.  Tobie IS the face of 4-Legger and has been from the beginning. Her brother Henry Clay was the inspiration behind 4-Legger as a result of his battle with cancer, but Tobie’s picture has always been the living and breathing face of 4-Legger and our hope for the future in making the lives of these precious companions safer and healthier.

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