The Adventures of Gnome in the Home! Christmas Fun for Doggos!

December 13, 2018 2 min read 1 Comment

The Adventures of Gnome in the Home!  Christmas Fun for Doggos!

You’ve all seen how The Elf on a Shelf has become a huge part of Christmas Tradition over the last decade for families with kids. Right? 

Well, the sneaky and playful activities of one of the 4-Legger's dogs during Christmas (and all year) made us think that we needed to create something like this for our dogs! After all, they are in many ways just as much a part of the family these days as the 2-Legger kiddos.  

So, we are kicking off the 1st Annual Adventures of Gnome in the Home - a fun Christmas game created just for the doggos we love!  We will be posting pictures (be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram), have some fun contests and even some chances for you to get your own Gnome in the Home to create some Christmas fun for your pup.  

Gnome in the Home by 4-LeggerThis is Gnome. 

Gnome didn’t just walk up one day and proclaim his new assignment from Santa Clause. 

Here is the story of how Gnome in the Home began...




“Once upon a time during the season of Christmas, there was a very smart doggo who liked to watch his 2-Legger brother and sister during December.  The kiddos knew Santa would come soon and if they had been very good and helpful, he would leave them a present.

The little Doggo loved to watch them open their presents on Christmas morning and knew that the Elf from the North Pole must have given Santa good reports every night when he flew back to tell Santa whether they had been naughty or nice.  

One year, the little Doggo got his very own present in his very own stocking from Santa and his little hiney wiggled and wagged as he joyfully ripped off the paper to see his new toy.  

All through the year the little Doggo remembered the stocking and before long got so excited that every time he saw a sock in the house he thought it was his Christmas stocking and would rip it up trying to find his gift. Elf sometimes dropped in during the year to check on the 2-Legger kids and when he saw how naughty Doggo had become with the socks, he reported to Santa who decided that all the Doggos needed a helper like Elf to teach them how to be good and not rip up everybody's socks.

Santa sent for the Christmas Gnome who was Elf's cousin but sort of scary to 2-Legger children. Gnome lived in the garden and loved to see the Doggos playing in the yard. He knew how to watch them without them knowing and was very happy when Santa gave him a Christmas job inside where it was warm. Now Gnome helps the Doggos and Elf helps the kiddos to be good and stay off the naughty list. Most of the time it works out pretty well, but not always." ©️

These are the adventures of Gnome in the Home.

We can’t wait to see how you will add to the story and make it part of your Christmas Traditions!

The Adventures of Gnome in the Home are an original 4-Legger®️ Creation. All rights reserved.

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December 14, 2018

Such a fun story!! Can’t wait to follow along with the Gnome adventures :)

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