Happy Cat™ RTU Essential Oil to Reduce Stress and Anxiety


Cats are creatures of habit. Changes in their routine can make them anxious and stressed. As a reaction to the stress many cats may bite themselves and shed their fur which could result in skin infections.

Some cats will spray and mark their territory around the house. Under extreme stress cats may stop grooming themselves. 

Our top 2 recommendations for cats under stress are Happy Cat™ and KittyBoost™.  

Happy Cat™ is high quality catnip oil (often called catmint) diluted in fractionated coconut oil. When you think of catnip, you are filled with visualizations of your cat frolicking with a catnip toy and becoming more playful, loving and more confident. The benefits of pure high quality catnip essential oil go beyond feeling frisky. 

One of the compounds in catnip essential oil called nepetalactone produces a safe and non-toxic mild sedative effective on cats which helps to relieve stress, reduce anxiety and depression and calm their mind.  

How to Use Happy Cat™

Drip a few drops onto your cat's tree, scratching posts, or areas that they frequent.  They will usually rub themselves all over the area where the drop was applied. 

You can also drip a few drops onto their bedding or on a cotton ball (100% cotton please) - and place inside a kennel for a car ride. 

You can also place 2-5 drops onto your hands, rub them together to get a light coating on your hands, and then "pet" and rub the oil residue onto the bedding or blankets your cat uses (not directly onto the cat - let them rub it on themselves) - so that the effects are more spread out.

And .... yes. You can add Happy Cat™ to 4-Legger organic dog shampoo to give your cat a bath. Catnip essential oil helps to reduce inflammation when applied topically. We have a number of cats who highly recommend the Happy Cat™ bath! 

Another happy side effect? Research has indicated catnip essential oil may also be more effective than DEET as an insect repellent! 

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Fractionated Coconut Oil, Essential Oil of Catnip (Nepeta cataria)

Customer Reviews

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Pat G.
Wouldn’t be without Happy Cat!

We rescued 3 kittens 5 years ago that were separated from their mother at 4 weeks old. Needless to say Happy Cat has helped so much on those occasions when they pick on each other or are stressed out. Recently my mom that lived with us for 3yrs passed away. Our cats were her companions & we all are grieving. I immediately reordered some Happy cat & it has been a better mood lifter & easier grieving process for them. Thank you so much for all you do for our pets.

Cat calming

Works like a charm.